Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas Casinos

December 13, 2016

Also known as the ‘Land of Casinos’, Las Vegas is also immensely popular for its wedding chapels. So when both of these popularities are combined, we get wedding chapels in Las Vegas casinos. It is this unique combination which attracts couples from all across the globe to come and exchange their wedding vows here.

Almost all of the grand casinos contain at least one wedding chapel. Several of them have a collection of chapels in various styles and sizes. A few are very elegant and elaborate, compared to the small independent wedding chapels.

Most of these casino wedding chapels offer themed wedding ceremonies. A very famous casino, Excalibur, offers a traditional wedding set in medieval times. For the more adventurous and extreme couples, the MGM Grand provides roller-coaster weddings. Another popular casino, Treasure Island, offers a unique package which includes a pirate wedding on board its ship. And one of the wildest of ideas, offered by the ‘HMS Britannia and the Las Vegas Hilton, incorporates a Star Trek wedding on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. This is then given a final touch with the help of Klingon witnesses and Ferengi guests.

Everything beautiful has a price to pay. However, a wedding at any of the wedding chapels in Las Vegas casinos is not about the price, but the memories the couple will have. Most of the casino wedding packages can cost anywhere from $350 up to $3,500 and beyond, depending upon the package chosen. The packages generally include one or more nights in a “honeymoon suite” at the hotel itself. They may also include photographs, flowers, music, entertainment and even a complete beauty makeover at their spa.

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